Monday, March 2, 2009

Latest Salvo in Boston-LAX/SFO Virgin/American Airlines Fight: Triple Miles

American Airlines (AA) is pulling out all the stops to make life difficult for Virgin America on their new Boston to Los Angeles and San Francisco flights. First, as we already discussed, AA has already added flights and changed to larger aircraft on the LAX route.

Now American has added triple frequent flyer miles to the mix. American is clearly hell bent on defending their turf and making life as difficult as possible for little Virgin America. Harnessing the powerful AAdvantage program to drive and retain customers is a typical move for the major carriers but the amount of miles (triple) and the length of this offer (until the end of May) is unprecedented in recent times.

And, to add salt to the wound, notice that AA is using an image of Big Ben as a potential redemption destination! Maybe AA's customers can drop in on Sir Richard BrAAnson while they are in London?


  1. Excellent Post. I don't think Southwest is happy about Virgin being there either; the SFO-SNA route sure is getting a lot of attention too. I'm really hoping Virgin hangs in there long enough to expand more in the east - their service is phenomenal from what I've heard and seen.

  2. Thanks for your compliment! I'd love to see more VX service as well... it is a great product.