Thursday, June 4, 2009

Marriott Offers Double Credit Towards Elite Status

As we predicted a few weeks ago, this is going to be the summer of mega-bonus promotions from your favorite hotel loyalty programs as the major chains battle to preserve share among an ever shrinking pool of business travelers.

Today, Marriott announced their newest promotion which gives Marriott Rewards members double credits towards elite status from now until June 26th. Similar to many promotions currently running by all the major airlines, the promotion enables members to earn elite status twice as fast as usual.

Elite status gives a number of nice benefits when staying at Marriott brands including bonus points, an elite reservation line, priority late checkout, ultimate reservation guarantees etc.

If you are a business traveler that is still traveling, we suggest picking a chain and raking in the bonus points, elite status bumps - get while the getting is good! It will make for a great rest of the year and into next when you are enjoying a nice upgraded room or a free weekend somewhere nice!

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