Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Virgin America Answers "The Whats in it For Me Question" of Social Networking

Virgin America has launched a new program via email tonight that offers members of Elevate, Virgin's Frequent Flyer program, 20% off their next flight. The 20% off offer isn't new - Virgin has been sending these out like candy over the last year.

What is new is that there is (finally) something in it for the email recipient who forwards the 20% offer to friends, facebooks (is that a verb?) it or blogs about it. (Yes, guilty.)

VA is offering a free round trip for members who pass it on and get 10 friends, accomplices, vagabonds, really anyone, to book a ticket. Not a bad deal for all concerned - 20% for the hangers-on and a free ticket if enough "friends" actually book some tickets.

So, have at it. And if you want to be my friend and save 20% on Virgin America, click here and enjoy.

1 comment:

  1. Very nicely done. In compliance with new FTC rules, you have appropriately communicated that this blog post is sponsored by Virgin America... :)

    Or is it?

    Wondering if the prospect of getting 10 people to validate a friends link and then subsequently purchasing an airline ticket would constitute "sponsorship."

    The question is, if you only get 8 people to go through the processs and there is no compensation, could it still be considered a sponsorship? Is it only a sponsorship once you pass the threshold?

    It seems to me the new FTC rules, while well intentioned, are going to run into some fairly substantial grey areas. Seems to be a lot of legal grey areas popping up these days - the Hotel Merchant Tax issue immediately comes to mind as another example.