Thursday, March 11, 2010 Tries Print - WSJ no less

We were a bit surprised to be leafing through yesterday's Wall Street Journal and find the ad (left) for in Section A. No, in the Personal Journal (Section D) where most travel related advertising and leisure oriented stories end up, but actually in meaty section A.

First take is, wow, interesting audience to go after - would not expect the average WSJ reader to be drawn to any hotel in NYC that is selling for $99. Most WSJ readers are typically Four Seasons types rather than Four Points. We'll grant that maybe the economy and TARP may be pushing WSJ readers down-market so maybe this makes sense.

Second thought is: "Wow, haven't we seen that bell-hop before?" Like so many parts of (including the founders!) it is a do-over.

Lastly, we'd like to actually see some examples proving the "Up to 50% off other leading websites" claim - either in print or on the website. If the deals are that good, lets see some, please?

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