Tuesday, January 10, 2012

TSA Trusted Traveler Program: Finally, Something the TSA does RIGHT

I'm not usually a big fan of the TSA. In fact, quite the opposite. As a heavy business (and leisure!) traveler, I've found many of the TSA's tactics silly or simply pure theater over the years.

However, today, upon leaving Las Vegas, I got sent to the Trusted Traveler line after the agent up front scanned my boarding pass. I'm an Elite flyer with both Delta and American, the two pilot airlines for the program but hadn't yet seen anything special. The last place I expected anything was certainly Las Vegas.

But, get this! First, there was NO line. Next, I didnt take off my shoes. Really. I didnt have to yank my computer out of the laptop (I did buy one of those Tumi bags that allows you just to unzip awhile back but I didn't even have to do that!) And, I may jacket stayed on. So did my belt. And I didn't have the nudie scan - just walked through the metal detector old school - like clearing security in 1972.

Finally, something done right by the TSA! Bravo. Now lets just get it to more airports.

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