Thursday, February 5, 2009

Travelzoo (TZOO) launches - competitor to Kayak

Travelweekly is reporting that Travelzoo has launched a new meta search product at with the catchy tagline "See the world, search on Fly"Add Image is in beta but already has some interesting features not found on competitors such as Kayak or cfares including an innovative summary tab of results that saves users from having to wade through hundreds or even thousands of results to easily compare airlines. also returns "premium fares" for first or business class in the same search - a nice feature for business travelers in particular, especially these days when deals on first class tickets (domestically anyway) abound.

We also like the easy to use option that allows users to select individual flight segments right from the schedule display. (See below for an example - "show all results with this departure flight")

Its still in beta mode - we aren't quite sure why the logo for "all" in the matrix display is a piece of paper but it looks really good overall.

It will certainly interesting to see how much muscle TZOO puts behind this new product - 13M+ TZOO email subscribers could generate a ton of traffic.

Note: Travelzoo is a Hudson Crossing LLC past client

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