Friday, September 25, 2009

Goodbye US Helicopter:

US Helicopter (USH)which had flown back and forth between JFK/Newark and the Wall Street and E34th Street Heliports abruptly ceased service today. USH had codeshare agreements in place with Delta and Continental for their respective hub airports. USH has service has already been dwindling over the last few months - frequencies have been cut and some flights were scheduled to make stops at one or the other of the two heliports before heading out to JFK or EWR.

The USH website says the suspension is "temporary" while they add new aircraft and routes.

Huh? If you are going to expand, it really doesn't do a lot for the brand (or your customers) to halt service while you "regroup" which is probably code for "try to raise some funds." Sadly, we predict US Helicopter will be joining the ranks of Eastern, Braniff and NY Helicopter in bankruptcy.


  1. I imagine that these desperate must affect many people, I think there are several who remain jobless for this!