Thursday, September 24, 2009

Inoqo: Twitter Meets Last Minute Hotel Rooms

Last week, we took a look at Gilt's new entry into travel, This week, we've come across another start-up looking to sell empty high-end hotel rooms (seeing a pattern here?) with willing consumers. aims to pair up excess luxury hotel rooms with consumers using the power of Twitter. Deals are Tweeted out and then are only available for check-in the next 48 hours - Inoqo takes to a new level. Jetsetter allows for a short booking period but a long window in which to use the deal you just scored - Inoqo's restriction obviously limits appeal to the truly spontaneous. Also worth noting is that Jetsetter is a closed audience as opposed to Inoqo which, if it takes flight, will obviously thrive on "RT".

An obvious risk is that it appeals to business travelers who start snapping up rooms at low prices for last minute trips - but most of the hotels are highly leisure focused to date.

Inoqo is still in beta so inventory is a bit patchy but given the current state of the high end hospitality market, we bet it will improve quickly. Inoqo may be a boon for last minute weekend getaways.....

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