Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Chase Feels the Hyatt Touch: GoldPassport Gets a Co-Branded Credit Card

Hyatt and Chase today announced a new co-branded credit card which will allow members of Hyatt's Gold Passport loyalty program to earn points with every dollar spent. Hyatt has been the key holdout among the large chains in issuing a co-branded credit card - Starwood, Marriott, Hilon and IHG have issued similar cards for many years.

Many feel that Hyatt has held out on this potentially lucrative revenue stream (banks buy the points that they offer consumers based on spend) because of the relatively small size of the Hyatt chain (which limited points burning options) and a desire not to dilute the earnings of members who have earned their points by staying in hotels - Hyatt's main business.

However, with the continued growth of Hyatt into new segments and the recent IPO, that thinking has clearly evolved. Also of note is that the card is a Visa - Hyatt has long partnered with Mastercard on Gold Passport earnings promotions.

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