Thursday, January 29, 2009

JetBlue coming to LAX - lookout Virgin America

JetBlue has just launched the latest salvo in the trans-con wars. Following on the heels of Virgin America's announcement of two daily Boston-LAX nonstops set to begin in February, JetBlue just announced similar service launching on June 17th.

Not to be outdone, American Airlines has also announced an additional Boston-LAX flight to the the three they already operate.

Suddenly, Boston will go from 5 daily nonstops to LA (two on United and 3 on American) to 10 - a near doubling of capacity will create a capacity bloodbath - get ready for great deals Bostonians and Angelenos....... and to Virgin America, good luck.


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  2. This is really jetBlue trying again. They had announced this service a year ago and bailed on it when they realized the spike in fuel prices would guarantee that the flights would lose money. Now that fuel is back down they've got a chance for it to be a successful route so they're trying again. Of course, with the glut of capacity on the route yields are almost certain to be low, so who knows.