Monday, August 10, 2009

AA Drops SFO-SNA Route - Score One for Virgin America!

Waaaay back when we started this little blog, we predicted that the likely loser in the Bay to LA war heating up between American, Virgin America, Southwest and United was going to be American. Over the weekend, our prediction came true. Without fanfare (closing routes is never as exciting as opening them!) American pulled their San Francisco-Orange County flights effective November 18th.

To be sure, it will still be a tough, tough market with 3 carriers battling it out (particularly when one of them is Southwest.) Who will blink next?


  1. Dont forget Alaska pulled out from SFO-SAN when VX showed on the scene. So I'd say its Score Two for Virgin America!

  2. Point well taken! Now if only AA or UA would drop JFK-LAX or JFK-SFO! :)