Wednesday, January 20, 2010

TripIt Gets Serious About Business Travel: New Blackberry App

TripIt has announced a new application for Blackberry, allowing BB users to view all their travel plans just like iPhone and Android users have been able to for some time. All of the regular TripIt functionality has been adapted for the 'berry including flight status inquiries, directions and, of course, the Tripit Pro features.

As TripIt continues to move closer to the business travel world, supporting the Blackberry has become more critical given the device's deep penetration into corporate IT platforms.

Obviously, TripIt (and founder Gregg Brockway's itineraries are not the sample screen shots. As Gregg would no doubt agree, the likelihood of him splurging on the George V in Paris is about as likely as pigs flying.


  1. Yes, it's true. It takes a fellow-bargain hunter like yourself to appreciate the irony there. One day perhaps you can share how to land a free spending consulting client who covers 5 star hotels and first class flights. Until then, this pig flies coach.
    - Gregg Brockway

  2. Touché! I'm looking for that client as well.