Friday, May 29, 2009

American's Complaint Against Imhof Joining Delta - Now Viewable Here

Here is the actual complaint American had lodged against Charles Imhof, former MD-Passenger Sales at AA.

While not nearly as soap-opera worthy as the Starwood/Hilton complaint but we really have to wonder about the basic judgement skills of a senior executive with AA. Sending highly confidential files clearly marked as such to a personal email address days before resigning to take a similar role at a chief competitor? Downloading sensitive documents onto a stick? Negotiating an employment agreement from his email address? ReAAlly?

Read the complaint and make your own decision.


  1. This guy should go to jail--for being stupid! I wonder, did he approach Delta for employment or was it the other way around? Where is Delta's responsibility in this matter? They'll probably get off without tarnish to their pristine, Southern reputation. Though, under that facade lies the "Tower Air" of major airlines. Scumbags!

  2. Sure, NONE of us have ever downloaded their contacts, proposals, etc. before leaving a job. They can't prove intent to share the documents as he was still in their employment. Additionally, he had access to all the data in the documents anyhow and they can't erase his memory when he leaves. Basically, it's just a case of a big corporation's attempt at intimidation as a replacement for any REAL competitive strategy. No one should EVER be barred from earning a living. Regardless of the outcome, what right to they have to keep him from taking the job? I think people need to stand up for the Chuck Imhofs out there!

  3. My sister paid a travel agent to book a flight to go from New York to Switzerland. She paid $2,000. The travel has booked the flight but has cancelled it 2 days after without saying anything to my sister who was paying each month for the flight tickets. How is it possible for her to get her flight tickets (of course, the travel agent disapeared...).

  4. I think people must be serious and stand on thay thay said. Such a shame people like that!
    By the way pal
    Thanks a lot for sharing!