Thursday, May 7, 2009

Travelzoo Integrates a listings into Weekly Top 20 With a Cool Calendar

How often have you heard about a great fare but been unable to find the right combination of outbound and return dates to actually get the fare? Airlines love to throw out low-ball fares but then tightly control the dates/times etc when consumers can actually get those fares. Basic revenue management, yes, but frustrating nonetheless.

Travelzoo's long standing Top20 Newsletter has a cool new link over to that helps solve that problem. Check out this screaming deal to Maui from New York:

Until now, it has been pretty hard to find when this fare might actually be applicable and available.

Now clicking on the link above brings the user to a cool table which shows when the fare is available:

Pretty cool! And $354 to Maui is a pretty amazing fare to boot!

Granted, Kayak and others have had fare calendars once a user has conducted a search but driving one from a fare advertisement, before a user has entered dates, is a nice twist.

And, about time that Travelzoo starts sending traffic to their own site!

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