Friday, May 29, 2009

Round I: Starwood vs. Hilton, Round II: AA vs. DL

Crains NY is reporting that American Airlines has filed a lawsuit against Chuck Imhof who recently left the top sales position at AA in New York for a similar role heading up Delta's sales efforts. The suit alleges that Mr. Imhof, prior to his resignation, emailed confidential strategy and pricing documents to a personal email account from his work account.

Sounds quite similar to the current saga unfolding between Starwood and Hilton where several senior executives departed Starwood for Hilton and, according to Starwood's complaint, decided to take more than a few confidential documents along to jump-start their future careers.

AA is sueing to prevent Imhof from working for Delta and is also suing him personally to claw back deferred compensation, performance bonuses and stock options as well as legal fees.

We are waiting for a copy of the actual complaint - we'll have more to share after we review.

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